Hippity Hoppity Door Decor

Spring is here! And Easter is just around the corner! This year I’m especially excited about springtime – the season represents new life and fresh starts – and has come at the perfect time for my new journey.

With Easter on it’s way, it’s time to take down the Christmas Wreath – I know it’s March but I didn’t want a naked front door – and replace it with something fun and festive. There were so many choices – I could have made a floral wreath full of springtime colours or one with Easter eggs incorporated in a chic way – but with two little ones , a bunny wreath was the way to go.

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • 48” White feather boas (approximately 5)
  • Foam or wire wreath form (I used one that was 11.75”)
  • Pink felt
  • Foam board or cardboard
  • Hot glue

Notes: You can use any colour boa – depending on the colour of bunny you would like. The number of boas will depend on the boa length and wreath form size (you may need more or less than 5). You can make this wreath in whichever size you desire.

You can use either a foam or wire wreath form (which ever you can find at your local craft store). I used a foam form – it was very easy to glue the boas to – I would recommend foam unless you can’t find one.

wreath 1

You will start by using hot glue to glue one end of the boa to the wreath form. Wrap the boa around the form – when you get to the end, glue that end of the boa to the form as well. You will repeat this step until your wreath form is completely wrapped with no bare spots. I used 4 boas for the wreath form.

For the wire form – you would just tie one end of the boa to the form and then wrap the form. When you get to the end of one boa you would tie the next boa to the previous one. You will continue this until the form is completely covered.

wreath 2

Now onto the ears. Start by drawing your ears on the foam board or cardboard. The ears can be whichever size or shape you would like – this part is up to you. When you are done drawing your ears, you can cut them out. Next, you will glue the pink felt to the foam board or cardboard and trim the excess felt to the shape of the ears. Once this is complete, you will need to use your hot glue and glue around the edges of the ears (except the very bottom) and attach feather boas around the edges of the ears.

wreath 3

Lastly, you need to attach the ears to the wreath form. Don’t be shy with the glue – if you’re using a foam form like me – you will need a lot. Spread the feathers on the form so you can see a bare spot – apply a lot of glue to the form and attach the bottom (non-feathered portion) of the ear to the form. The ears may be a little floppy but will lay flat once hung.

And there you have it! A fun door decoration to get you ready for Easter – enjoy!

wreath 4

MESS ALERT! Feathers fly and fall all over the place. You may want to consider doing this outside – unless you don’t mind a little clean up. I made mine inside and vacuumed as soon as I was done.