Disney – Magic Kingdom

At the risk of being unbelievably cheesy  – Magic Kingdom was nothing short of magical. Magic Kingdom is known as the “it” park – “it’s” the park you must visit if you only have one day, “it’s” the park with Cinderella’s castle, “it’s” the park that you can’t miss. Listen to our experience there and decide if you think it’s the “it” park too.

Our day started off with breakfast at Be Our Guest. The night before our first Magic Kingdom day, we were lucky enough to snag an earlier reservation then we had originally booked (check the night before because there are usually dining reservation times that open up due to cancellations). Our new dining reservation was for 8:00 am – which meant we were able to get into the park at about 7:50 am. The best thing about this was that the park wasn’t set to open until 9 am that day – meaning, the only people allowed to enter were the ones with dining reservations. The park was just about deserted, so it was a nice calm start to our day.


Be Our Guest was everything I dreamed it would be! It looked just like the ballroom from the movie and the theming was done perfectly. One great thing to note is that Be Our Guest for breakfast is only a quick service dining credit. We had a standard bacon and egg breakfast with pastries and coffee, of course – it was decent and what you would expect from a standard breakfast. We were done eating with about 15 minutes to spare before the park opened for everyone else. Another great bonus of being in the park prior to opening is that we were able to go to 3 attractions before line ups even started. If you have little ones I would highly recommend trying to snag a dining reservation before park opening – it has way too many pros not to. We went on The Little Mermaid ride, met Ariel at her grotto and went to Belle’s Enchanted tales – all of these attractions were relatively close to the Be Our Guest Restaurant as well.  Belle’s Enchanted tales was very interactive – have your child volunteer if they aren’t too shy, it will make the experience even more special.


Our next stop was MICKEY ICE CREAM BARS – I mean, you can’t go to Disney and not have these at least once! Since we were on holidays – ice cream in the morning was deemed more than acceptable and totally worth it. We then headed over to Pete’s Silly Slideshow where we met Donald Duck (who both children adored) and Goofy – as per our other character experiences these interactions were great as well. Next, it was time for some more rides – this brought us to the Mad Tea Party (a Disney Classic) and Tomorrowland Speedway. Our little speedsters loved Tomorrowland Speedway and driving the cars themselves – their parent passengers thought maybe they weren’t quite ready for their licenses yet but we all had fun regardless of their driving skills.


At this point, it was time to head to Cinderella’s Royal Table for our lunch reservation. The children both got to meet Cinderella while we waited in line which helped pass the time until our table was ready. The food at Cinderella’s Royal Table was spectacular, definitely worth the two dining credits to eat there – and there were 5 princesses that day who came around to our table throughout the lunch. Dining reservations at The Royal Table can be hard to get – but try everything you can to get one(within reason) – this ranked really high on our dining and character experiences – and it’s the only way you can get inside of the castle.MK_CRTLOBBYCHAR_20181203_414808874162After we left the castle, we spotted Cinderella’s step sisters, Drizella and Anastasia, and were lucky enough to be the last ones in line to meet them before a character switch. They were by far the most “in character” Disney characters we met while we were at Disney. They were witty, evil, and didn’t stumble on a single question. If you see them while you’re there – get in line – you’ll be glad you did.



This wrapped up our first day at Magic Kingdom as we had an early start and we were all becoming quite exhausted. We didn’t want to push our luck so we headed back to our hotel for some down time and re-energized for our night-time plans. Sorry – you’ll have to wait until the next post to find out what we did later that day.

Magic Kingdom was everything any of us hoped it would be and lived up to all its hype. It most definitely deserves the “It” park status and we would love to return one day.




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