All Friendships Have Purpose

Friends come into our lives for many reasons – some are there for the long haul, some are there to teach us, some are there just for a blink. No matter the type of friendship they all have an impact. They all aide in our growth, whether we can see it immediately or not.

It’s easy to see the purpose of the long-lasting loyal friendships – it’s the one’s that end painfully, abruptly, or for no real reason at all that are tough to process.

It took me a while to find the good in friendships that ended. It took me a while to not take it as a personal attack on my character. It took me a while to accept that all friendships have different purposes in our lives. It took me a while to digest that some times there is no explanation and no rekindling.

Some friendships end like a breakup with hurt and no closure. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to change that.  Sometimes it’s hard to not take it personally. Sometimes you take on all the blame when deep down you know you shouldn’t. Sometimes you continue to make excuses for someone that doesn’t deserve it. And sometimes you try to fix something that isn’t worth fixing.

Somewhere a long the way I found my worth. I found my courage. I found my voice. I spoke my mind. I stopped investing time in one-sided friendships. I no longer forced it. I reassessed my friendships. I reassessed myself.

For me, it became clear that the quality of friendships means significantly more than the quantity. Being popular or liked is not a priority. Being surrounded by exceptional friends is.

Just like you shouldn’t settle for a partner, you shouldn’t settle for a friend. Only you can decide what type of friends help you thrive. Only you can decide what type of friends you want in your life. Only you. Decide the qualities you need in a friend and don’t settle  –  be surrounded by people that complement you and lift you up. Time is too precious to spend it with anyone but.

I know now that all friends, at any stage of my life and for whatever length were there for a reason. Whether short or long – they all taught me something. Some taught me strength, some taught me self worth, some taught me confidence, some taught me trust.

All of my friendships up to this point, the good, the bad, the ugly, the short, the long – I wouldn’t change any of them. They all led me to where I am today, they all provided me with something in my life at that moment, they were all there for a purpose and for that I will always be grateful to them, each and every one.



2 thoughts on “All Friendships Have Purpose

  1. This is so hard to learn! The older I’ve gotten, the more friends I have lost, but each one has taught me something. Sometimes friends even teach you to endure pain, which doesn’t sound an awful lot like friendship, but it helps you to grow. Good post!


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