Today, I’m grateful for air to breathe and a sun that shines

I’m grateful for little smiles and sweet warm hugs

Today, I’m grateful for adrenaline that keeps you moving

I’m grateful to be part of a kind community that steps up when you need it the most

Today, I’m grateful to live in a place where medical care is readily available

But most of all – I’m grateful for a sweet boy that is going to be okay and is braver and stronger than I will ever be.

Being a parent is the toughest job you will ever have but also the most rewarding. Last week, our 4 year old son fell off the school bus when he got to school – he suffered a minor concussion – but thankfully is okay. As parents, we have moments that we will always remember and images we will never forget. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad. But all of these moments make up who we are, they bond our family, they make us stronger, they make us one.

Last Friday is a day I will never forget, it was one of the biggest scares I’ve had as a parent – but what I will remember most about that day isn’t the fear and worry I felt – but the strength and bravery my son had, the way he rolled with the punches, trusted everything would be okay, and picked himself back up again. And, the way a community of friends, family, and especially strangers – showed us kindness and love, so extraordinary it made me smile on a tough day and left a mark on my heart that will never go away.

Look around you – there are so many things we can learn from others. Your children can remind you that strength will lift you back up again. Your community can remind you that kindness can be shown to any one, any where. Take advantage of the lessons others teach you – it happens every day – it will make you grow, it will make you thrive, it will make you embrace a life more beautiful than you ever imagined.

There is always a silver lining – it may be difficult to find or it may be shining right in front of your eyes – but find it! Be grateful – because, my God, we have so much to be grateful for!




3 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Being a mom is a difficult role and you are surviving it rather well. Keep a positive attitude and look forward to the good things in the future.


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