Sauble Beach Sandfest and Speedway – Bucket List #3 & 4

Sauble Ontario is a place near and dear to my husband’s heart, the home of his family trailer and a place our family visits at least once every summer. So, it was only natural that our summer bucket list brought us to Sandfest (which we’ve been to once before) and the Sauble Speedway (a first time experience).

Let’s start with Sandfest. Sandfest usually is the second weekend of August and this year fell on Saturday August 11. We arrived at the beach around 10 am – it was just starting to get busy but not too crowded yet. We first walked by the sand building – we were a little early, so all of the participants were early on in the building process – but it was still fun to watch.

IMG_7858We did go back on Sunday to see the finished products. Talent does not begin to describe the master pieces that were created with sand – by adults and children alike! We were very impressed with the skill and detail that went into the sand sculptures. IMG_7862Another part of Sandfest is a Classic Car show – something both the little and big man in our family were very excited to check out. Their love for old cars made this portion of the day a big success. There were classic cars parked all over the beach – it was so cool to see – even if you aren’t a car enthusiast.

IMG_7836Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the cars. And there was a very kind lady that was handing out hotwheels cars to all of the kiddos – such a sweet gesture that made the experience even more special for the children.

IMG_7831If you can check out Sandfest next year – I would highly recommend it! Plus, when you are done you can spend the day at the beach – and nothing beats a beach day with the family!


Later in the evening – the same day – we headed over to Sauble Speedway. Our little guy is obsessed with cars (to put it lightly), the Disney Cars movies, and racing of any sort. We were excited to take him to a much smaller scale car race than a Nascar or Indy race – but still have him be able to experience it. The grandstands opened at 5:00 pm and racing started at 6:00. The cost was reasonable – $20 per adult, $5 for kids aged 6 – 11 and kids under 5 were free.  The costs and start times can differ – but the schedule on their website will give you all the details – so make sure to check it out before planning your trip.

IMG_7876The track is small and there is plenty of seating available. We were lucky enough to snag some red chairs – which definitely helped with comfort. Bringing a blanket to sit on in the stands isn’t a bad idea – and sunscreen is a must as the grandstands are not covered or shaded. One other must have for us were noise minimizing ear muffs – we wanted the children to enjoy the race without hurting or damaging their ears – you can pick these up at a local hardware store or online. The races varied in number of laps and ages (there were even 10 year olds racing!) but the excitement of watching the races really had the children in awe – and the shorter number of laps kept their interest.

IMG_7929We made many trips to the concession stands and washrooms – and were there for close to 3 hours. The kids met up with some of their friends from back home – and had such a great time that this is definitely a must do again next year! If you have a little one that loves cars, or are looking for something a little different then definitely check this out!

IMG_7903There are so many things to do in Sauble Beach and the surrounding areas. If you have never been – you should – even if it’s just a day trip!

Until next time….




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