This Wee Space – Bucket List #2

The summer always goes by way too fast and this summer is no exception. A couple weeks ago, we made our first visit to This Wee Space in Fergus Ontario. I was too preoccupied with kiddos to post about it until now – sorry for leaving you in the dark! There are a lot more posts coming your way soon, as we have a lot of bucket list items planned in the next couple weeks.

This Wee Space is located downtown Fergus – and is a great place for your young ones to create and explore. The space is divided into three sections. The first section is the art section.


In this space, your child can create one piece to take home with them. The items, when we were there, ranged from wooden animals, birdhouses and masks. There are a variety of paints, glitter, stickers etc. for them to make their masterpieces and also rocks and paper (at no extra cost) to create on as well. And there is even a space for their creations to dry while they explore the other spaces.


The next section was both of my children’s favourite area. This space has a tree house – such a great idea and so much fun for them to play and explore. There are also toy trucks, dinosaurs, dollhouses, a kitchen and a wide selection of books in this area.

The third space is great for imaginative little minds. It contains two stages – one very large and one smaller. The smaller stage has two drum sets, guitars, a keyboard and other musical instruments for your child to perform a mini concert or just to play.


The larger stage is great for dress up and/or performing plays. With the wide array of costumes available, your little ones imagination will soar!


This Wee Space is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (hours on their website) and Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment. Admission is $12 per child. There are also couches for parents to sit and enjoy a coffee while your children explore and create. I would recommend calling ahead or checking their Facebook page to ensure they are open when you want to check it out. All in all – a create addition to a small community and a fun way to spend some time on a rainy day or meet up with friends.

Have a great Tuesday!




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