Fear. It can cripple you. It can make your whole world stand still while everyone else’s keeps going. For some, it’s constant. For others it’s rare. But fear, is there for all of us – at some point, in some capacity. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of snakes. Fear of judgement. Fear of death. Fear of heights. Fear of being alone. Fear of losing control.

Fear varies from individual to individual. You could have one fear, you could have many. It could have formed from a past experience or be developed over time. It could blind side you and come out of no where, with no explanation. Fear has some good. In small doses it can be life saving – it can pull us away from danger. It’s the continuous doses that are harmful – they can be disabling, challenging, life-altering.

Fear does not discriminate. It is not kind. It does not judge. It is not selective. It is unpleasant and unwanted. It causes distress and panic, anxiety and worry.

Fear can come and go – but it can often be controlled. It can be profound but only if you let it. It can be overcome or at least minimized. Fear is what you make it – acknowledge it, but don’t let it define you, don’t let it dictate your life.  Regain the control – live your life to its fullest and find the beauty in every day.




One thought on “Fear

  1. My fear is of the “unknown”. Doing something that I have never experienced before. What a sense of accomplishment when I actually do it!


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