The Pantry

The Pantry…the oversized kitchen cupboard that houses anything and everything. Over time more items get added, old items get pushed to the back and you lose track of what you even have in that abyss. My pantry had become out of control, and with a little extra time on my hands it was time it had an overhaul.

Closet 4

My first stop was the dollar store to buy some more containers and spice jars to help organize the mess. I also used what I already had – containers, wire shelves – all previously purchased at the dollar store as well.

Next, I took everything (and I mean everything), out of the pantry and wiped the shelves down with disinfecting wipes. Once the much needed cleaning was completed – it was time to go through all of the emptied contents. Any items with past due expiry dates were tossed. Any empty, or close to empty boxes were thrown in the recycling. Everything remaining was sorted into groups – tea, baking supplies, spices, vitamins, etc.

Once everything was sorted, I labelled each bin with a black label and chalk pen and filled with the appropriate contents. Any bulky packaging was removed for less clutter.

Lastly, it was time to put everything back into the pantry – this was the most rewarding part and it felt so good to finally have it all organized. Give it a try – find a cupboard, declutter and organize – it will feel great when it’s done.

Closet 2

Organizing my life – one space at a time!











3 thoughts on “The Pantry

  1. I wish you were with me this morning. I went out to the garage with “the husband” to get some staples and the staple gun. My intention was to fix the back deck, where the lattice had come loose. It has been that way for a year and so I took matters into my own hands and urged “the husband” out the door for exercise and fresh air.
    So, we never did get the back deck fixed. We could not find the staples for the gun. I never saw such an unorganized mess! I am currently working on basement and the kitchen. I think morning dates in the garage for a week, when the nice weather comes, will bring some results to look forward to. I just have no idea how to organize a garage.


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