One Day

“One day” – two words that had become my crutch. Words I repeated over and over. Words that became an excuse for not pursuing my passions. Words I blamed on lack of time, being a busy mom, working full-time. Words that masked my insecurities, my fears. Words that made it feel okay to procrastinate my dreams. Words that weren’t a definite “never”, making them provide a small level of comfort. Words that began to hold too much power over my life.

These words no longer have the control. My “one day” is now. No more excuses, no more procrastination, no more crutches. Now, is my time. Time to dive in and not look back. Time to give it my all. Time to live in the moment. Time to explore the “one days”. And most of all, time to take a chance on a passion, to follow a dream and to take my own advice.

The advice I give my children – that they can do anything and be anyone. That they should follow their heart and do something they love. That they should not give up on their dreams and live their life with no regrets.

Now is my “one day”  – take the chance and find your “one day” too.  Don’t let it just become a phrase – make it happen – you will be glad you did.




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